Tnuva Group is the largest and leading food group in Israel, and has been operating for more than 86 years, bringing to every household in the country fresh dairy products (under the home logo ‘Tnuva’, Emek, Yoplait, Pireus), eggs, frozen vegetable products ('Sunfrost'), refrigerated and frozen poultry products ('Mama Of'), frozen pastry products ('Maadanot'), fresh poultry, fresh beef ('Adom Adom'), fish and more.The major part of Tnuva’s activity is in Israel and about 7 million of its products are supplied daily to 18,000 customers across the country.

Tnuva employs about 7500 employees at 31 sites from Kiryat Shmona in the north to Eilat in the south. More than 80% of Tnuva Group’s raw materials come from Israeli agriculture, and the group works with 1600 farmers and 6500 suppliers.