Since its launch in 2008, Airbnb has brought about big changes in the travel industry by offering a safe and efficient platform that allows tourists to rent rooms and even entire homes throughout the world, rather than staying at traditional hotels. The tourists can often save money, the homeowners are able to boost their income and everybody gets an opportunity to meet new people. Airbnb's guiding values are based on providing a unique experience, a lifestyle and a strong sense of community.

One of the most crucial elements in this win-win equation is the appearance of the homes for rent – clearly, the better the place looks in its online photos, the higher the demand for rentals will be.

As part of its service, Airbnb offers homeowners a professional photography service, free of charge, to make the home look as attractive as possible to potential clients. But since even the best photographer can’t always make a ho-hum home look terrific, a design and comfort upgrade is sometimes necessary.

Not everyone is born with the required skills, which is where we come into the picture.

We suggested that Airbnb hold a workshop for its community members in Israel. After getting the green light, we contacted homeowners, whose apartment could use an upgrade and reached out to a professional interior designer also from the community who would benefit from the exposure. Once we found the right people and the right place, we thoroughly documented the entire process and then held a workshop for the community members in the newly renovated home.

During the workshop, we shared tips and tricks for rejuvenating a home on a relatively modest budget, giving it that undefinable personal touch while increasing the comfort level to meet the needs of today’s travelers and improve the hosting experience.

Thirty members of the local Airbnb community participated in the workshop, which gave them significant added value, enhanced the values of the brand and created a lot of positive buzz. The widely read daily paper Yedioth Ahronoth ran a feature and we publicized the architect’s decorating tips throughout the local media.

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