The Ikea 2013 catalog: Textiles

The main subject of the 2013 catalog (September 2012-August 2013) was "Textiles: Big change at a small price".

Our mission was to achieve exposure for the wide range of fabrics and textile products Ikea had to offer, and to show how these could completely change the look of a home.

Our campaign was two-pronged.

Dresses made of curtains, hats made of bathroom mats / September 2012, at the catalog's launch

We chose six Israeli fashion designers and posed them with a challenge:  to design and create apparel from textile and other products made by Ikea: Danny Mizrahi, "Lilamist" (Lilach Elgrably), Sasson Kedem, Yafit Ohayon, Hagit Tassa, and Yaron Bracha Bezalel.

The result was six stunning works of art. Danny Mizrahi designed a striking wedding dress that featured a lacy lampshade hat. Sasson Kedem created a hat out of a bathroom mat. Yait Ohayon transformed a colorful pillowcase into a gorgeous jacket; Hagit Tassa designed a jacket and trousers using Ikea fabrics. Lilach Elgrably created a blue and white striped dress and vivid jacket using the store's fabrics.

The models were launched and shown for months before thousands of surprised and curious shoppers in a designated area in the Rishon Letzion Ikea store. The unusual exhibit won broad media coverage and reflected Ikea's tremendous, and inspiring, range – with a little creativity, the sky's the limit.

Idea – Ikea: Students design Ikea, November 2012-March 2013

In collaboration with the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, fourth-year students from the Textile Design Department, headed by Uri  Tzaig, exhibited textile accessories inspired by the Ikea  brand vision: "To create a better everyday life for the many people."

Operating under preset budget and time constraints, 56 students chose items from the Ikea range that inspired them to create a textile with a new interpretation. The items that best interpreted the Ikea brand vision were presented in an exhibit called "Idea - Ikea".

The exhibit, featured at the entrance of the Netanya Ikea store, was seen by tens of thousands of visitors, exposing them to the wide range of textile products at Ikea and to the change that textile can make to the home's design. The process was covered by the media from the point of concept to the students' final products. Moreover, by virtue of their exposure to the world and design vision of Ikea, the students became ambassadors of the brand among the next generation of designers.

Watch: Idea – Ikea: Shenkar Designers, Idea textile

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