El Al’s Hanukkah miracle

December 2014

El Al’s Hanukkah miracle, December 2014

Among our many activities to promote the El Al Israel Airlines brand on social networks, we were challenged to come up with something unusual that would generate wider exposure before the Hanukkah holiday in 2014.

We decided that El Al would take its cue from the holiday itself and perform a series of Hanukkah “miracles” – one for each of the eight days that candles are lit to commemorate the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem in the 2nd century B.C.

The original Hanukkah miracle? The eight wicks in the temple’s menorah had only enough oil to last one day, but miraculously went on burning for eight days and nights.

Knowing we could never match real miracles, we decided to focus on everyday miracles that could bring light and joy into a person's life. And so, each day of the holiday, we chose one passenger to surprise with a truly memorable gift.

Several weeks before Hanukkah, we asked the 380,000 members of El Al’s Facebook page to tell us which of their friends were flying with El Al during the upcoming holiday and why they deserved to get a surprise of a lifetime.

Five days later, we had received more than 2,700 Facebook posts full of fascinating stories, from which we chose eight surprise recipients. Then we looked for the perfect gift to match each of the stories, with the generous cooperation of IKEA, SuperPharm, the David Citadel Hotel in Jerusalem, Nespresso and El Al’s Matmid frequent flyers club.

During the holiday, each day we posted the clip of a different winner and their prize on El Al’s Facebook page – and it wasn’t long before the appreciative feedback came rolling in.

The results:

·       800,000 page views in Israel

·       100,000 watched the clips

·       News items appeared in Yediot Ahronot, Israel’s widely circulated daily, and on popular Israeli portals Walla! and Mako 

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