The global office of Shalom Tel Aviv


•        Shalom PR  is the global office of Shalom Tel Aviv, a leading PR agency,a  company  that supplies highly effective tactical and strategic public  relations and communications solutions for both local and  international clients

•        Our mission is to provide comprehensive communications  management targeted to meet our clients' business and  organizational goals, based on a deep understanding of the  client’s business philosophies, growth strategy and value  accretion, together with a strong emphasis on creative  thinking


Adam Levine, VP, Director of Public Affairs, SHALOM PR


•        Adam spent a decade in the financial services industry as Vice President at Goldman Sachs. He served as strategist and spokesman for the firm’s executive office and government affairs operations under CEO Hank Paulson. He also served as Managing Director for Public Affairs at TPG, one of the world’s largest private investment firms. On top of his financial background, Adam has political and media experience, serving as Assistant White House Press Secretary and Director of Television News for President GW Bush and Senior Producer of 'Hardball with Chris Matthews'.