Inventing a new category: the Israeli startup that builds an enterprise browser

Dan Amiga is a successful serial entrepreneur. After serving at 8200 and working in the high-tech industry, he founded Fairglass, a cyber company that was sold to Symantec for more than $300 million. During Covid-19, he founded another new startup company, Island, that develops enterprise browsers. In less than two years Island raised about 225 million dollars with an estimated value of more than 1.3 billion dollars. A number of famous funds, including Sequoia and Insight Partners, were involved in the investing process. In the “30 Minutes or Less” podcast, Amiga discusses the Island product’s potential to redefine an industry. “It doesn’t make sense that my mom at home works with Chrome and an employee of Netflix, JP Morgan or a medical organization uses the same browser and 800 tools that interfere with his work,” he says. That’s why Island offers a browser that will be different, with Dan emphasizing that ” A browser is basically an operating system.”

Dan Amiga for Calcalist podcast