The Israeli startup Oasis launched with a $40 million funding round and is the first to solve the challenge of non-human identity security in organizations

The field of identities is the new frontier in cybersecurity. In every organization, there are human identities and non-human identities, with each attack through them providing significant value to the attacker. In each company, there are 50 times more Non-human identities – compared to Human identities, and 60% of them have more access to sensitive data than Human identities.

The usage of non-human identities has exponentially surged in recent years, and the identity field has evolved drastically, with 2023 marking a peak year in cyberattacks through these non-human identities. Due to the transition processes to the cloud, automation, and the implementation of artificial intelligence technology, the overall usage of identities is expected to grow, with the market estimated at tens of billions of dollars annually. 

Oasis was founded by Danny Brickman and Amit Zimerman and announced its exit from Stealth mode last week. That, after raising $40 million from leading investors including Sequoia Capital, Cyberstarts, Accel Partners, and Maple Capital, alongside private investors.

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