The tech industry shakeup: Armis Security CEO tells how to build a stable company that’s unaffected by market volatility, in an interview with Mamon

Today he heads a company worth billions, but Yevgeny Dibrov’s path started in Rehovot’s Sha’araim neighborhood, where he was raised as the only son of a single mother who emigrated from Ukraine with his grandparents. Now he talks about how hard the three adults worked to ensure that he wouldn’t lack for anything, recalls milestones he passed on his way to founding the cyber company Armis, and explains how to build a stable global company that continues to race forward despite the market’s volatility. He thinks the headlines declaring the end of the tech bubble are exaggerated: “There were some crazy quarters in 2021, but things balance out in the end. Companies with strong technology and an emphasis on profitability will continue to flourish”