The woman who inspired the series “Tehran” has launched a new startup

Sanaz Yashar, whose life story served as inspiration for the Emmy-winning series “Tehran”, recently unveiled Zafran Security along with her partners Ben Sari and Shnir Havadala. The cybersecurity startup completed a $30 million funding round from leading investors including Sequoia Capital, Cyberstarts, and Cerca Partner.

Zafran is the first company to address the critical security gap created during the “vulnerability exploitation window”- the time between the detection of a vulnerability and its complete patching, during which 60% of security breaches occur (according to Verizon). The vulnerability patching process is complex and can take months to complete, while attackers exploit weaknesses much faster.

Zafran’s story has garnered widespread attention in both global and Israeli media, including prominent outlets such as Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and the cover story of “Mammon” magazine by Yediot Ahronot. According to SignalAI, the company was mentioned in 162 publications in the past week, reaching over a billion potential readers.


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